Friday, 15 July 2011

Western Conventions - Editing

We looked at 3 different Spaghetti Westerns and analysed the editing used during the opening and closing sequences. Both normally featured some kind of standoff or show down and the conventional edits used included:

  • shot reverse shots
  • cut aways to objects
  • parallel action

There was lots of 'mirroring' between the characters in the stand off that was achieved by using the edits above. So, you would see one character in long shot, then cut to the next in long shot, then we would see the first character in medium shot and it would cut to the 2nd character and then you would see the 1st character again but this time in close up etc...

You can see this in the clips below, we thought it was really effective and would make an interesing filming practice.

For a few dollars More (from 1 min 47 you can really see this)

For a Fistful  OF Dollars (from 1 min 20 the editing builds up the tension)

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